Am I eligible?

To be eligible for small-scale technology certificates photovoltaic panels must: 

  •  be installed no more than 12 months prior to the creation of certificates, and have its panels and inverter, listed on the Clean Energy Council list of approved components
  •  meet Australian and New Zealand standards 
  • you must use a Clean Energy Council accredited designer and installer and meet the Clean Energy Council design and install guidelines 
  •  comply with all local, state, territory and federal requirements, including electrical safety, and
  •  be classified as small-scale, and a: solar panel system that has a capacity of no more than 100kW, and a total annual electricity output less than 250MWh  

Solar Battery Rebate

Batteries aren’t for everyone and it is important to consider whether the savings generated over the life of the battery cover its cost and deliver the benefit you are anticipating. 

There are currently no solar battery rebates available for Queensland residents.

If you are considering getting a battery, their are a number of retailers who can advise you on financing options and help you to better understand whether a battery is right for you. 

Apply for a rebate towards installing a solar panel (PV) system.

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